Wednesday, February 8, 2017

9 Makeup Brush Hacks Every Beauty Lover Girl Should Know

9 Makeup Brush Hacks Every beauty lover should know. Let's face it: your beauty tools can be a serious investment. Quality makeup brushes and tools can put a dent in your wallet, so knowing how to get the most out of your investment is crucial. Keeping a few genius makeup brush brushes in mind can make all the difference when it comes to properly taking care of your tools and using them to their fullest potential.

Makeup Brush Hacks Every Beauty Lover Girl Should Know

There are no fixed rules that you have to follow when cleaning with your makeup brushes. It is true that the different brushes are designed to handle specific product formulas in certain areas of the face. But that does not mean you can not find innovative ways to use your beauty tools beyond your intended purposes. Being creative with your products and tools is the heart of makeup anyway, right?

If you nail a friendly lazy girl's make-up routine is your goal or find cost-effective alternatives to brushing care is your game, there are plenty of tricks to get through your beauty routine. Put these 9 caring brush and handle hacks for good use and you will be a bonafide makeup pro without breaking the bank.

1. Apply masks with foundation brushes

Flat, paddle make-up brushes are not only good for applying liquid foundation but also effective for painting skin care masks. The curved formation of the bristles makes it easy to deposit the product around the eyes and mouth, all while smoothing into a cream or liquid formula evenly.

2. Create Nail Art

Use precision eyeliner and lip brushes beyond your face. These detailers can double as nail art brushes, rather tiny to draw sharp lines and small designs.

3. Transform Fluffy Brushes with Bobby Pins

If you do not have one in your collection, you can easily DIY a contour brush with a spare bobby pin. Secure the bobby near the base of a spongy powder brush and it will instantly become an angled tool for contouring. Just be sure not to leave the bobby bolt too long to avoid altering the bristles permanently.

4. DIY A Cleaning Board

Use the POPSUGAR Beauty DIY brush cleaning mat as an alternative to expensive wash mitts and washboards. Strategically placed hot glue and a clipboard are all you need to nail this DIY cheap and easy.

5. Dry brushes with rubber bands

Believe it or not, some pretty thick things happen when you do not clean makeup brushes. As silly as it sounds, knowing how to dry your brushes is the key to properly cleaning your tools. To avoid ruining your bristles and loosening the glue that holds them together, it is crucial that you hang your brushes upside down to dry them. Securing your brushes to hangers with rubber is an affordable way to dry your tools after a good wash.

6. Dampen the brushes to intensify the pigment

For your shiny, metallic and frustrated shadows to truly shine, spray your bristles with a makeup finish spray before loading the brush with pigment. On the other hand, a water faucet can be as effective if you are fresh out of your setup going to preparation or preparation spray.

7. DIY Makeup Brush Cleaner

There is no need to spend a small fortune on a soap brand soap. A blend of antibacterial dish soap to disinfect and extra virgin olive oil to the bristles of the deep state, make the ultimate DIY makeup brush cleaner.

8. Use the brush handles to find your perfect contour

Finding that sweet spot to contour your face can be a pain sometimes, especially if you are a novice makeup artist. To get it right every time, line up a makeup brush handle at an angle along the hollows of your cheek.

9. Tame Fly-Aways with Spoolies

Slick the annoying flyaway threads with an eyebrow/eyelash spool. Hard and tiny brush bristles can comb through free strands and tiny hairs around their edges like a pro. Feel free of wand fog with a little hairspray if your fly-aways are super undisciplined.

Break the makeup brushes and get to work. Beauty hacks are waiting to be incorporated into your routine.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Nail Art 2017: New Beautiful Nail Art Trend Based on Astrological Sign

The Age of Aquarius! From aquarium-inspired nails to marble manicures, find out what the trend of nail art is to test based on your astrological sign. We are less than a month from the new year and we have already discovered a new trend of nail art that is going to be seriously difficult to overcome: Aquarium nails.

The inventive manicure features shimmer that moves around a layer of water between two fake nails when shaken.

The trend has caught our attention at the perfect moment since it is officially the season Aquarius (January 20 - February 18) and the symbol of the sign of the zodiac is the water carrier.

But if you are not Aquarius, there is no reason to be jealous. From the art of marble nails to the nails accented with flowers, we have rounded up more nail art trends that currently sweep the Internet and there is one that is perfect for every sign.

Read below to find out what the new trend of nail art in 2017 that you should test based on your astrological sign?


PISCES Nail Art, Nail Art 2017

Pisces can pay homage to its two fish symbol and its imaginative nature with the naive nail trend.

ARIES Nail Art trend 2017

ARIES new top Nail Art trend 2017

This fire signal will not settle for anything boring or past. Innovative glow in the dark nails, then, fit the bill.


TAURUS Nail Art design 2017

Those who associate with this earthy sign will appreciate the beauty of botanical nail art, which is created by pressing tiny dried flowers between layers of gel enamel.

GEMINI nail art design

GEMINI nail art design trend

Picture both sides of your personality with a two-tone negative space manicure.

CANCER nail art

CANCER nail art trend

Complicated cancer can exhibit a spectrum of characteristics and emotions, so a monochromatic, opaque hue just will not do.

LEO nail art

LEO nail art design

Leos can show their inimitable strength in their nails with designs inspired by the marble rock.

VIRGO nail art

VIRGO nail art design

Carefully drawn delicate constellations are a perfect project for meticulous and modest virgos.

LIBRA nail art

LIBRA nail art trend 2017

For Romantic Pounds, to whom the association is very important, an engagement ring might be the goal, but these diamond studs are the next best thing.

SCORPION nail art trend

SCORPION nail art trend 2017

Because what another sample would be bold enough to get a manicure topped with a real (though dead) baby scorpion?

SAGITTARIUS nail art design

SAGITTARIUS nail art design trend 2017

What you see is what you get with direct Sagittarius. A transparent manicure looks appropriate.

CAPRICORN nail art trend 2017

CAPRICORN new nail art trend 2017

Christmas and New Year may have come and gone, but holiday babies can still enter the spirit of Capricorn with 3-D sweater studs.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Effective and best home remedies for dry skin, Get Rid of Dry itchy Skin

Effective and best home remedies for dry skin. This type of skin is extremely common between men and women. External or internal factors may be responsible for dryness in the skin. However, dry skin can significantly reduce your beauty quotient. Here are some effective home remedies for dry skin and to get a beautiful look.

The effective home remedies for dry skin are:

Effective and best home remedies for dry skin, Get Rid of Dry itchy Skin

1. Olive Oil: When it comes to providing moisture to the oily skin, olive oil is an absolute favorite. It is packed with essential antioxidants and other compounds that benefit this particular skin type.

2.Coconut Oil: This is another amazing home remedy that is affordable and very beneficial. Naturally, softens your skin and moisturizes from beneath the surface. Just take a few drops and apply it gently on your face or you can use it with any other natural ingredients.

3.Petroleum Jelly: Another simple answer to the dry and flaky skin is Vaseline. Packed with glycerin and micro-droplets, petroleum jelly, vaseline, it is an exceptional remedy to reduce dryness in the skin. Applying regularly can make your skin soft and smooth.

4. Yogurt: Yogurt possesses lactic acid, which is great for tightening pores. In addition, it is loaded with antibacterial and antifungal agents that play a key role in eliminating fungi and bacteria that cause various skin conditions.

5.Honey: This is an absolute no-brainer. Honey is one of the most popular ingredients in the beauty community. Ideal for preventing breakouts and providing moisture to the skin, honey can help get rid of scaly skin when included in your daily beauty regimen.

6.Oatmeal: For centuries, people all over the world have used this proven dry skin treatment. If your skin feels itchy and dries all the time, try a packet of oatmeal to get relief from it.

7.Avocado Face Pack: This fruit acts as a miracle worker on dry skin. Apply a pack of avocado, honey and rose water to remove dead skin cells and soften their texture. It will also moisturize your skin and make you look younger.

These are effective home remedies for dry skin.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

8 Best Home Remedies For Beautiful Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

8 natural home remedies for puffy eyes and dark circles. Sleep too little? Allergies? Abuse? Whatever your complaint, these beauty tricks can help.

If the eyes are the windows of the soul, would not it be great if those windows had pretty curtains? But unfortunately, for a number of reasons, our eyes, and their immediate surroundings can be quick to show signs of stress and exhaustion. And apart from wanting the peepers to look nice and glow, tired puffy eyes just do not feel great.

Best Home Remedies For Beautiful Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles

There are all kinds of over-the-counter beauty treatments for the eyes, but in my experience, few are worth it. (Even though I found one that is a bit miraculous, more on that below.) So with all of this in mind, consider these approaches as the first line of defense against puffy and/or dark, tired eyes. Some are new, some have been used for generations - some will work for some, some for others. Take them for a spin and see what happens.

1. Cold compresses
Cold things reduce the swelling that may be the salvation for swollen eyes. In addition, a cold compress on the eyes is very rejuvenating and is almost as good as coffee to wake you up. Use ice wrapped in a soft cloth, a cooling eye mask, a packet of frozen vegetables or even a couple of frozen spoons.

2. Chamomile tea
This natural remedy from Granny's book is a classic. Has it been proven by science? Not exactly, but the chamomile is reported to have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and subjecting the eyes to a cold tea bag gives the benefit of a cold pack as well. I like to prepare a cup of tea, remove the bag, cool it and let it rest in my eyes - if nothing else, it is very refreshing and gives a good second use for old tea bags. (Keep in mind that some people have allergic reactions to chamomile.)

3. Sliced cucumbers
Is there a common photo of a woman in the spa with no cucumbers in her eyes (already) perfect? I have always attributed the power of cucumbers to the cold compression factor, but it is possible that there are antioxidants at play, which are thought to reduce irritation - or so Huffington Post notes when they explored the subject:

"If the swelling is accompanied by irritation, home remedies like cucumbers or chamomile tea can help reduce swelling and swelling," says dermatologist Dr. Gregory Nikolaidis. "Cucumbers have potent antioxidants and flavonoids that are thought to reduce irritation, and they have to be refrigerated for a reason because it points out that" cold cucumbers or tea bags also work in part because of the cooling effects of evaporation, and Are best applied for four to five minutes. "

Note: If you remove the shell first they are more comfortable.

4. Movement
Dr. Nikolaidis also says that the temporary swelling of the eyes around the eyes is often caused by an accumulation of lymphatic fluid - in which case the promotion of lymphatic drainage through massage or exercise "helps more than cosmetic creams ". Here is a good tutorial on how to properly massage your eyes.

5. Lifestyle
Here is the one nobody wants to hear. Eat less salty foods, drink more water and less alcohol, do not smoke, exercise, do not skimp on sleep. Yawn, I know, but if fresh bright eyes are important, these steps will help. In addition, they are better for overall health.

6. Raw potatoes
I have heard of this for a long time; It's like cucumber slices, but with raw potatoes. Clearly, raw potatoes are not as glamorous as raw cucumbers - and their starch juice is not as enjoyable as the fresh smell of cucumber, but people swear by them to reduce swelling and minimize dark circles. Slice or grate the raw potatoes, place them in cold water and refrigerate until they are cold. Rest your head and place the potato slices (or small crushed piles) directly over your eyes - leave them on for 15 to 20 minutes.

7. Drops of cooled eyes
This may be a bit shocking to some, and I've never heard of others, but I love it. Keep a bottle of all-natural eye drops in the refrigerator and treat each eye to an icy drop while the coffee is brewing. It's as refreshing as a mini version of taking a cold shower or going on a morning walk.

8. Ocular therapy patches
I do not believe in miracle products and I prefer to make my own, but I stumbled upon a package of Talika Eye Therapy Patches and was actually amazed at how immediate they were effective for me. I have no idea who sold his soul to the devil for this, but after 30 minutes my eyes are like night and day. They are strips that go under your eyes and are soaked in natural ingredients with many of the lovely natural oils that immensely moisturize ... and naturally, cost an arm and a leg. (Look for and find cheaper, a six-pair package costs around $ 50, but you can use three (or more) times each.) The reviews on Amazon are mixed - as I know they work for me, it occurs To me they work for some and not for others. Of course, they are not a simple natural kitchen cabinet remedy, but if they work for you, they may be ideal for special occasions when all else fails.

Monday, January 2, 2017

9 Beauty Tricks By Priyanka Chopra and Makeup Artist Kardashians

9 beauty tricks by Priyanka Chopra and the makeup artist Kardashians. Mario Dedivanovic knows how to fill a room. The celebrity makeup artist one of the industries most sought after men have his signature masterclass every few months in different parts of the world.

This weekend, hundreds of makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts filled an auditorium in New York, traveling from Colombia, Australia, and Lebanon, to learn techniques she uses infamous clients such as Kardashians, Chrissy Teigen and Priyanka Chopra.

9 Beauty Tricks By Priyanka Chopra and Makeup Artist Kardashians

During the 5-hour session, Dedivanovic showed how much of a perfectionist he really was: spent more than 20 minutes perfecting his lashes and applied at least five layers of eyeliner. We give you some of his tricks right here.

Grease is good

"I prefer to use very emollient moisturizers because it allows me to use enough drainage powder without it looking powdery. The moisturizer will absorb the powder and your makeup will look natural, even if there is a lot of it," Dedivanovic said. In fact, this is true for oily skin, too. Use Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturizer, applied with a wet wedge sponge.

Foundation cream on any other

He is a big fan of cream foundations and uses them more than liquids. "I love creams because you can go so natural with them by mixing them, or get full coverage," said Dedivanovic. In addition, the emollient nature of the cream base means that your skin does not look cakey, even if you apply more powder setting!

BeautyBlender is a blender, not an applicator

The BeautyBlender is like an extension of Dedivanovic's hand. Use moisture along every step of the way, bouncing gently on the face to blend the foundation products and the concealer, to the contour. "The BeautyBlender really presses the make-up on the skin, making it one with the skin. It also absorbs the top layer, removing excess makeup, so it looks more natural," said Dedivanovic. Stop using your BB to apply the product; Just intend to mix what you've already put.

Do not leave lines

Instagram has made sure that everyone knows what a cutoff cut, but in the world of Dedivanovic makeup, there are no hard lines. "It's fun to know [these looks], but no customer wants a glitter cut fold," he says.

His signature is a radiant face, covered with dew, with colors that blend perfectly into each other. "I love soft and 'blow-up' makeup. It has a sexy and romantic feel," said Dedivanovic.

To achieve this, he places thin layers of any product he is using, mixing each with a clean brush or a wet BB. It is impossible to exaggerate how much it mixes. The classic mantra of makeup artists - "Blend, blend, blend, blend is your friend" - is working hard here.

Rethinking the color of your waterline

Step away from your black or brown kohl. "My signature is to wear a golden bronze shade inside the eye. It's very captivating," Dedivanovic said. He intensified the smoky smoked eye he created for the model (who happened to be the singer and composer Bebe Rexha), using a gleaming bronze pencil on the waterline.

Everything is in your hand

Dedivanovic has mastered the painting technique of varying the pressure he puts on the brush. "The amount of pressure you use while applying the products will ensure that you look at the makeup, it starts smooth and then intensifies if you need more, it's easier to build than to remove," Dedivanovic said. For example, as he deepened the shading in the crease of the eye, his strokes were of featherlight, barely touching the skin.

Nail that liner

He sees his amateur a layer of eyeliner and elevates it ... five. Dedivanovic usually makes three to five eyeliner applications. "Eye shadows absorb the coating, making it appear gray after a while. I accumulate several times so it never gets boring," says Dedivanovic.

First, he used a water-resistant black pencil to define the eyelash line, gently lifting the cap with his finger, working the pencil on the roots. Upon that, he applied a black crème gel eyeliner with an eyeliner brush. Next, a layer of M.A.C Liquid Eye Liner in Boot Black, a mixture of matte black color (prefer the matte liquid coatings on the bright ones). Gently blended the outer corner of the eyeliner with a stain brush. "I want the outside corners to be super soft and pulled out. I like it to go from a sharp line on the inside to softer on the outside," Dedivanovic said. After mixing, he again applied Boot Black to the outer line of the eyelashes to intensify the color near the roots. Later, after finishing the rest of the face, he came back with another layer of Boot Black.

Vanish the Instagram Contour

Even the king of the outline urges him to have some restraint. He layers a powder on a cream, but still believes it should be soft and natural. The contour cream on the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate palette gets its vote as its pure and modifiable. Using the Zoeva 109 brush and soft pressure, sweep the product into the recess where the cheekbone tilts down. Work a little on the hairline and under the jaw as well. Everything is mixed with the BeautyBlender.

Use Translucent Soft Powder Laura Mercier in a powder puff to fix the cream's contour and then traverse the contour of the cheek with a beige MAC blush powder (also loves NARS Blush in Zen), applied with the brush Beauty Surratt Beauty Artistique.

Powder is the bomb

If you are wondering about the need to wall in a setting powder in the contour technique above, Dedivanovic explains why it is essential. "When you go about a wet product with a powdered product, it may look muddy. So set the damp with a translucent powder first, and then the powdered product will go smoother," he explains. It even lays the foundation on the eyelid with translucent powder before applying eye shadow.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

How to Do Makeup For a Party at Home This Christmas Best Tips

How to do makeup for a party this Christmas. Winter parties ahead of Christmas are in abundance, and playing with your look with simple makeup tricks would make you stand out. So, try to use the white-gold color on the eyes or make the hair in a messy bun or braid on the day, suggests an expert.
How to Do Makeup For a Party at Home This Christmas Best Tips

Bharti Taneja, cosmetologist-beautician, and founder-director of ALPS Beauty Group has shared some tips:

1.  Eyes: Start with the application of a dark gray eyeshadow on the eyelids and follow up with the slaps on some old black shine for a sensual look. Now, contour with a black tone at the outer corners of your peepers and stain out for a softer look.

Then highlight on the bones of the eyebrow with a golden-white color and also apply cues on the inner corners to instantly lighten the eyes. Then use a little copper shade under the covers and define the top line of the eyelashes with a black winged lining.

Decorate your water line with the coating with a black midnight kohl followed by the application of double layer mascara to open the eyes. Finish cleansing the face to eliminate all the falls that occurred during eye makeup and be prepared to be the center of attention of the party.

2. Base: A tinted moisturizer can be the perfect choice as a makeup foundation in this cold season. Aside from providing much-needed moisture, it will also hide all skin defects while making it look even-toned.

Now, seal the look for your Christmas by spraying the base well with a matching two-way cake; This will give a velvety finish to the do. Then, the contour below the cheekbones with a light brown tone and continue to apply pink or peach blusher shade.

3. Lips: Incept your Christmas part lip make with the lining of your lips using a quality lip-liner preferably in shimmering shades of fuchsia pink, ripe orange or any ravishing red carving, To add a certain style. Fill with the same color and seal the look with a shine.

Be sure to choose a durable variety of lip products to make your makeup last all night long during the party.

4. Hair: Most girls would want to lower their hair. Either soft curls or straightened hair - both steal the show. Trying on some new hairstyles is also recommended. Hairstyles like, a messy bun, side loaf or messy braid are a lot in fashion too and can be put on for a diva look.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

5 Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Black Heads and to Get Fair Skin

5 home remedies to get rid of black heads on your face. Pimples are small bumps that appear because the pores are covered with oil and dead skin, but cinnamon and honey can help fight this because of anti-bacterial qualities, says an expert.

Priyanka Tyagi, head of training at Skeyndor India, has shared tips on how to get rid of black heads on her face.

5 Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Black Heads and to Get Fair Skin

- Baking Soda: Baking soda is not just for baking or keeping your refrigerator smell fresh. The antiseptic quality makes it a wonderful product for your skin. It works as an exfoliant to exfoliate dead skin cells leaving the skin soft and smooth. Sodium bicarbonate also helps neutralize the skin's pH, which encourages the skin to produce less oil, which means that after regular use, you may be able to say goodbye to blackheads forever.

- Cinnamon: Cinnamon is an anti-bacterial spice that can be used to make an aromatic facial mask that offers all sorts of benefits to the skin, including removing blackheads. It also helps remove scaly skin as well as acne, and can be used as a body scrub for softer, brighter skin.

- Honey: Honey is antibacterial and antiseptic properties that help remove blackheads by destroying germs or impurities that clog pores, making it another great choice for those with acne related blackheads. Honey also acts as a natural antibiotic, helping to remove dirt from the pores of the skin to clear black heads, as well as squeezing and moisturizing the pores for a clearer complexion.

- Epsom salts: Epsom salts are not only great for relieving sore muscles, they can also help eliminate blackheads. While most treatments in this list dissolve dead skin and oil, the Epsom salt mixture actually pulls the plug out of each clogged pore so they are simply washed away.

- Egg whites: Egg whites offer numerous benefits for the skin. They are rich in protein that offers toning properties of the skin and helps promote wrinkle free skin. Because of its ability to tighten the skin and minimize pores, the use of egg whites is especially good for oily skin and reduces the chances of future blackheads by removing the blackheads present at the same time. This method extracts sebum and draws any depth into the pores.

- Green tea: Instead of spending endless hours trying to burst, rub or concentrate clogged pores of the face, have a go at using a common, green tea cure that is high in antioxidants. Not only does it reduce the oil and irritation in the skin, but it serves to protect it from future damage. So the next time you discover small dark clogged pores that cover your face, just prepare green tea to help eliminate the zits for good. If you want to apply this solution you will need some items such as a pot, glass, soft towel, soft face wash, cotton ball and two bags of green tea.